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What is the command to change the $PATH in a *running* terminal

(I know how to change it in a fresh Terminal window, I just want to know how to change it while in an already running Terminal window.)


You can change it by creating a new shell using the command
$ source ~/.bashrc

If you would like to change it globally, update /etc/environment file, which is read by every shell (from the system or user account).
However, I would suggest always setting up new user’s.bashrc in the users home directory. For example,
$ sudo cp /etc/environment ~/.bashrc
$ chmod 644 ~/.bash

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Publish an open-source library on a specific page

I have one online magazine. It’s a free magazine open-source, which means that anyone can download, modify and redistribute it for free.
The problem is that I need to publish my own library (a set of functions) on this free magazine, but not in its core, in a specific page, which is provided by the magazine itself.
Is there any solution?


Most of the time this is done with a SubDirectory. You publish your library there and its freely usable.
To make an example:
Let’s assume you have the directory:

You would create a simple index.php file in this directory:

As you can see, this file includes your library, which is stored in the “MyFunctions.php” file you have a direct link to it:
class MyFunctions
public static function MyFunction()
// Code

Note: if you want the directory to be searchable, you need to add it to your web server as “index.php” (normally it’s “index.php?/”).
This would include your library and allows the user to use your functions.

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