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The NChat program was developed to be a small Win32 console application that gives you opportunity to talk with other peoples over the internet or in local network if it provides TCP / IP protocol.







NChat Crack Free For PC

Nchat is a free and open-source chat client for Windows that lets users chat with other users of the same network. nchat is based on the Ventrilo client and most similar functionality and syntax.
Nchat uses TCP/IP protocol and thus can be used over the network, between the same machine (local network) and over internet.
Nchat is a simple and fast network chat.
Nchat’s main feature is that it is capable to let many users participate simultaneously to one chat.
Nchat is an external console based chat client. In this modality it is very similar to Ventrilo Client.

Nchat is freeware (Sui Generis).
Nchat is multi threaded, i.e. it supports multiple clients at the same time. You have to be careful with the number of clients you have in the app though, only 5 per app is supported.

Nchat is multitasking-capable, and supports many users in one app.
Nchat is a console based application and does not support GUI. It is however installable as a regular windows app.

Nchat is a compact and easy to use console based chat client.
Nchat supports 3 user channels (default).
All users are shown in the status window.
There is a menu of all available users on the left side of the window and a menu on the right side.
Nchat supports a lot of known chat protocols (among others, YAC, SIP, VOIP, BLAH), and can even listen on a IP port.
The left menu allows you to change some settings, and to change/configure the user’s channel:

Status Window: Status window will show you all active users on the channel.
In chat window type /nick chatname to open chat window for selected user.
Nchat is using the.NET framework.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


‘This assembly does not allow partially trusted callers’ but I’m a partially trusted caller

I’m running the unit tests on a WinForms app I wrote. I’m seeing the following error every time. I’m a rare non-net user that doesn’t know much about cryptography, but I still have to be able to write these tests.

Test method Viewer.Viewer.ConfigureContextMenu(TestContext context) in component Viewer.



NChat Cracked Version is a chat tool written in C language on Windows system.

NChat Torrent Download runs in a console window and provides you an opportunity to write your own messages (writing program) to the other peoples on the network in real time.

In addition to text based chat, you can use NChat to transfer files and execute multiple commands on other systems. You can think about it as a shell with some restrictions, provided mainly for text chat.

NChat is a very simple program, but it has very powerful features like File Transfer, file management and command execution.

NChat Limitations:

* No more than 1000 records can be kept in NChat file.
* You can’t do anything with NChat to the own computer.
* There is no more than one chat.
* It isn’t an interactive chat room. You can’t control another peoples input.
* Transfer of files, none and files bigger than 3MB.
* Connection of anonymous accounts (I can’t remember if there is any way to change that)
* You can’t change your input color.

NChat Usage:

To use NChat you must install prerequisites: C compiler,.NET framework, WinSocket library.

NChat File Layout:
NChat uses its own.txt file layout. As mentioned above, there is no way to change that and that can cause some problems, as well as the main reason of writing this tool. Let’s see some screenshots of NChat file layout.


(I cannot edit this image)

NChat File Structure:
To be more specific let’s take a look at file structure for 1 chat file. There can be more than one chat file.


A typical NChat file structure:


As you can see NChat file structure is very simple and there are

NChat (Updated 2022)

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What’s New In?

NChat is small console application to talk with others over internet. It has multiple listing. With list you can define
Nick, User, Message, Date and Time. In NChat the connection is made by 3 ways
Named Pipe, Tcp and Socket. You can use the built in server and client.
You can use your own program to act as server or client.
You can create your own messages also. Use the codes if you need.
You have a choice for the server or client both. This application is free.
So if you want to talk with others you can use this application.
First of all install Winsock2 library.

This is a kind of a client (let’s call it Client) that I created to test NChat.
If I run this client application, it correctly initiates the connection to the server and sends the message to the Server side, the message is correctly displayed on the Server Side, and the server correctly receives the message and displays it.
As far as I know, the whole conversation is done within the same process (Client) so the Server side is the same process as the Client side.
Now there is an extra part, I’ll explain what I mean. I created another Client (let’s call it Client2) with two hardcoded messages in the code, and I put this Client with the message to the same directory as the NChat.
When I run NChat, Client2 correctly displays the two messages that I provided in the code.
And NChat correctly displays the second message that Client2 sends.
I think that NChat also get these two messages from the same directory that Client2 is in, and then it gets the messages with the same process with Client.
But I’m not sure if NChat works like this, if it gets the messages in this way or not?
Is it just created just in order to have one conversation with two people?
If it gets the messages with this way, you can’t give two different messages to Client2 and NChat simultaneously to have a conversation with two people at the same time.
I’m sorry that I can’t explain this very well. I hope that you understand my problem well, and I’d be grateful for any help you have for me.
Here is my code:

Client Code


System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements are:
2 GHz Dual-Core Intel processor
Internet connection
1 GB available hard drive space
2 GHz Dual-Core