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If you do a lot of drafting in AutoCAD, you know the frustration of having to open a complex drawing each time you need to update it. That’s why I am so happy that AutoCAD 2018 update 2 now allows the drawings to be opened directly from the cloud storage. You can view the latest drawings right from your Dropbox folder, Google Drive folder, or a host of other cloud storage devices.

Using the cloud for documents is becoming more common. Dropbox was one of the first services to allow this. A standard 2GB account comes with the ability to open 1,000 files from the cloud. However, you can pay for additional storage to open even more files. You can also pay for cloud-only accounts. Dropbox still charges a monthly fee for each user.

However, the most popular cloud storage services are Google Drive and Amazon S3. These services allow you to open up to terabytes of documents and drawings. While you can also sign up for a free account, these services require more storage space than the more limited Dropbox account. You can then pay for additional storage, based on how many GBs of content you store. For example, Dropbox offers a free account, while Google Drive and Amazon S3 are cloud storage only services.

With all these cloud storage services, you may wonder, “How do I keep my files organized?” The obvious answer is to organize your files into folders.

Dropbox automatically arranges your files into folders. When you save a file in Dropbox, it goes into one of its folder. You can create, delete, and rename folders and files. You can also change the file permissions of a folder so you can lock down access to it. However, you cannot lock down access to individual files.

You can also store your files on Amazon S3. Once again, you can organize your files into folders. If you use Amazon S3 for cloud storage, you can access your documents with a web browser from anywhere. In fact, the file can be stored on any web-accessible device or computer.

However, Amazon S3 is not as flexible as Dropbox in that you can only save your files in the Amazon S3 folder structure. You cannot change the folder structure or rename folders.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of cloud storage over local storage is the convenience of access. You can open your files at any time. If you need to work on a drawing while on vacation, you can

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R: Select rows based on date range

I am trying to select only the rows in my data.frame that are within a date range.
date_high = 0, then I want to select that row (I’m using dplyr)
I have tried to do this in different ways, but not with a satisfactory result. The code below doesn’t work (I cannot figure out what to write in the ‘date_out’ and the ‘date’ variables)
df %>% filter(
(date_out-date % filter(
(date – date_high >= 0)
& (date – date_low >= 0)

That is, firstly, the entire difference between the start and end dates of a day is calculated, and then we test for both sides of the inequality.
If date doesn’t appear in df, that will be because it has NA in that column. If this is undesirable, you could use data.table syntax for example:
df[df[,.(date = (date – date_high)), by = date_ID]$V1 >= 0, ]

And you might want to add by = date_ID if you have duplicate date_IDs.


Formatting a JSON array with jQuery

I’m trying to set up an object with a JSON array in it. The array is formed of other arrays. I need to have each of those inner

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Go to

1. Sign into the Autocad Help portal

1. Log in with your Autodesk account. You can get a free account from
1. Then you must create a new workspace.


1. The user name should be the full email address of your Autocad user, without the part. Example:


1. The password should be your username.


1. Set your workspace to Public (must be Public)


1. Then you must create a new “bucket”

1. Copy and paste the following

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD tools in the world. Thousands of organizations use it to design and manufacture their products. Every day, millions of users around the world create and edit complex drawings with AutoCAD.

We’re proud that AutoCAD is the first and only industry-standard design tool for 2D drawing and 3D model creation, editing, and visualization. It’s the industry standard because it is not only the best software for 2D drawing, but also for 3D, combined with 3D design. And now, with the addition of workflows and the feedback tools in 2023, AutoCAD is even more advanced.

This post provides the highlights and major new features of AutoCAD 2023.

One of the most popular and best-known features of AutoCAD is the ability to import text from paper drawings (scans or PDFs).

Text import is very useful for complex drawing processes, particularly when working with large drawing files that contain many instances of the same drawing element, such as a text box.

Note: You will see a new Text Import dialog in AutoCAD 2023, along with a new library of text styles that will make importing text even faster and more consistent.

In AutoCAD, you can change any drawing element – including text boxes – to suit your design needs.

That’s why you can make a change, such as adjusting a text box’s size or position, then quickly share it with your team.

In the past, you had to repeat that change in each drawing instance in which it was needed. Now, with the Smart Shape feature, you can make the same change in multiple drawings at once, saving time and reducing errors.

In AutoCAD 2023, you can also customize which items you want to import from text.

Just select the options you want to apply, and you can choose to import text-related elements, such as text boxes and labels, or all drawings, or only PDFs.

The contents of the drawing folder you select will be imported, including images, PDFs, EPS files, DWF files, and more.

Rapidly import paper-based or PDF-based drawings for editing. Drawings in the Microsoft Edge browser can be imported directly into the Microsoft Edge browser and saved to an online folder.

Once you import a PDF or paper-based drawing

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium II 700 MHz / AMD Athlon XP 2000 MHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Display: 1680×1050 resolution
DirectX: 9.0 compatible graphics card
DVD Read Only: Yes
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 3 GB required
Additional Notes: this game will be patched to 1.0 in the coming days, and we