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AutoCAD was first released as a desktop application on Microsoft Windows and OS/2, with the first version available as an early beta. The first commercial release of AutoCAD was in December 1982, and a few months later a DOS version was released.

In the early versions of AutoCAD, the program ran in what is now called the “native” mode, which used direct hardware acceleration to display on the user’s PC. The program still worked in this mode with hardware that was no longer available. Later, hardware acceleration was replaced with software emulation, which provided a performance boost but also allowed the program to run on old and out-of-date computers.

In the early years of AutoCAD, the format for storing drawings was hierarchical. This type of storage allows the user to keep all files together in one folder. However, this hierarchical scheme creates a lot of files with redundant information that, when opened, increases the program’s size. A later version of AutoCAD, the DWG format, was released with a new file format. This new format was different from the older DWG format in that it saved a drawing with less redundant information and used file names that contained the type of data.

AutoCAD was originally released as part of the Autodesk Softimage package of products, which included other programs, such as 3D Studio Max and MAYA. Later, Autodesk released AutoCAD as a standalone product.

AutoCAD later evolved into a set of products. AutoCAD LT is a version of AutoCAD that is optimized for low-end computers, where RAM is not plentiful and the speed at which the graphics card can process information is not adequate. AutoCAD LT also includes optimized features for mobile and web-based usage. This software was originally available as a stand-alone product, but was later bundled with other programs, such as Inventor and Fusion 360. AutoCAD LT Professional is also available as a standalone product.

AutoCAD is known for being highly customizable. It supports user-defined commands, and it can be extensively customized with external plug-ins.

Computer Modeling Features


In AutoCAD, a 3D model can be created and viewed in three different modes. The model can be displayed in 3D view, where all features of

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The “2D” subsystem supports functions such as “plane surfaces”, a.k.a. “layers”, “spline surfaces” and “guide surface” (a.k.a. “trace surfaces”).
Curves and splines can be manually or automatically “traced” (a.k.a. “path traced”) from one surface to another, to produce either general curves or a path which defines a spline. A spline can be either open or closed (intersects or joins the two surfaces).

3D surfaces can be manually or automatically “created” (a.k.a. “faced”). Surfaces can be based on solids, profiles, splines, and be offset from existing surfaces. Surface boundaries can be established in two ways: “by construction” where the user inputs values which define the surface or “by reference” where the user inputs values for an existing surface and the tool determines the 3D surface.
Brep surfaces can be automatically generated from a parametric surface with the “Brep” option. They can be edited, either by using the “Toggle Breps” tool or “Edge Breps” tool, or by “Editing by Mesh” tool.
Boxed spline surfaces (a.k.a. “cuboids” or “tetrahedron surfaces”) can be automatically generated from a spline surface. They can be edited, either by using the “Toggle Boxes” tool or “Edge Boxes” tool, or by “Editing by Mesh” tool.
Subsurfaces can be automatically generated from a surface, either by using the “Toggle Subsurfaces” tool or “Edge Subsurfaces” tool, or by “Editing by Mesh” tool.
Extruded Surfaces can be automatically generated from a spline surface. They can be edited, either by using the “Toggle Extruded Surfaces” tool or “Edge Extruded Surfaces” tool, or by “Editing by Mesh” tool.
User-Defined Geometry can be automatically generated from a spline surface. They can be edited, either by using the “Toggle User-Defined Geometry” tool or “Edge User-Defined Geometry” tool, or by “Editing by Mesh” tool.

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What’s New In?

Save a ribbon’s menu command for frequent use. Select the Draw Menu or Editing Menu commands in the ribbon bar and add them to your favorite menus.

Hide, show, lock, or change a command’s shortcuts from the ribbon bar, regardless of whether you’re in a drawing or an engineering application.

Add, remove, and rearrange the columns in Table Utilities.

Save a variety of how-to videos. Videos are stored in My Videos, available on any computer where AutoCAD is installed.

Improvements to default layer settings:

Locate, assign, and create layers quickly and intuitively.

Better folder management with an integrated file system browser.

A useful outline view for reporting problems.

Color commands:

Detect and draw color contours on 3D shapes.

Color by Vector Graphics (CoVG) Export: Export color settings to PDF, DWG, and other formats.

Automatic Color Profiles: Choose from a variety of color profiles in addition to the Auto Color Profiles and Standard Color Profile.

Improvements to the editing experience:

Adjust size and spacing between objects. ObjectSnap is optimized for the new Snap function in AutoCAD.

Edit all objects at once in a drawing.

Add basic text styles to drawings.

Place and measure text:

Add text to a drawing to provide text annotations.

Measure a box or text to determine the height, width, and other dimensions.

Detect and record the text height, width, and other characteristics for measuring text.

Insert basic patterns, including glyphs, images, and drawings.

Auto expand text to avoid scaling problems and to keep text and its associated information separate.

Organize text in a drawing.

Measuring and Drawing tools:

Measure and draw with great precision.

Find the edge of an object with the Edge tool.

Check the accuracy of measurements with the Compare tool.

Quickly delete multiple objects.

Compare drawings, including live links.

Add new points and lines to a drawing.

Continue drawing a line.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– A 4GB+ RAM recommended
– 600 MB system memory
– OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card
– Multi-core CPU
– Microsoft.NET 4.0 (DirectX9.0c compatible)
– DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
– USB 2.0 compatible mouse and keyboard
– 1024×768 display resolution
– 8 GB+ available disk space
– NOTE: The game needs 5GB of free space to be installed properly, so you should have at least 12